Welcome On Abbaye La Bussiere

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Welcome On Abbaye La Bussiere

Know Us

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We are now in our 4th year considering that the acquisition of the Abbaye in 2005. Before our arrival, the Abbaye was a spiritual retreat for spiritual groups and pilgrims. Established in 1131 by an Englishman, Stephen Harding, 3rd Abbot of Cîteaux, the Abbaye's origins are deeply rooted in the Cistercian Order's long custom of hospitality, humbleness, and peace.

Embed in 15 acres of lovely parkland; the old structures have been changed into a prosperous nation home hotel where you can unwind and take pleasure in the unique, revitalizing environment of this old location.



The monks have long gone. However, Abbaye de la Bussiere still keeps an air of serenity, challenging to discover in the contemporary world.


Private Experience

The Abbaye provides a distinct and private experience, not traditionally with the structures however expertly with the personnel, food, and facilities. It is the real embodiment of the worth’s of the 5Cs viewpoint of Relais & Châteaux: Courtesy, Beauty, Character, Calm and Food.


Following the valid entry into the Relais & Châteaux association and accomplishing our Michelin star in 2007, we started 2008 with the distinguished award of Andrew Harper 'Hideaway of the Year 2008'.


In June 2009, we ended up the remodeling’s of the Orangeries to develop an excellent center for workshops and personal functions. 2010 left to a great start when we found out that the Abbaye, with our head chef Emmanuel Hebrard, kept its Michelin star.

Mini Shetland

Our congratulations to Emmanuel and the entire group. We continue to live within the Abbaye Park with our family pets and kids, consisting of 2 mini Shetland ponies who on celebrations stroll the park.


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The Abbaye is at first open with ten charming bedrooms all perfectly embellished to show the design of the surrounding area. Each space has its character and beauty so ...

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Designer Hotels, The Definition Of Luxury

Some of the great designers of the world of fashion have ventured into the hotel industry creating unique and dazzling places. We have the list of the most impressive.

Armani Hotel – Dubai, USA

Located in the center of Dubai, the Armani Hotel has 160 exclusive rooms, 6 restaurants serving Indian, Italian, Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine. All the spaces were decorated from beginning to end by the Milanese designer. Finally, it has a brand store where you can buy exclusive products.Armani Hotel - Dubai, USA

Palazzo Versace – Gold Coast, Australia

205 rooms, 4 restaurants and a marina of 90 berths. A true palace by the sea. The designer Donatella Versace took care that each corner had the brand’s imprint.

Bulgari Hotel & Resort – Bali, Indonesia

Exoticism, relaxation, and luxury are three ideal words to describe this resort of private villas each with its pool and garden. It has exclusive Bulgari brand art shops and boutiques.

Tcherassi Hotel & Spa – Cartagena, Colombia

Colonial mansion of 250 years and 7 exclusive luxurious and elegant rooms. It has a spa, restaurant, 7 pools and a spectacular view of the walled city.

Maison Moschino – Milan, Italy

A completely surreal world that introduces you to a fantasy journey through each hotel space. It reflects perfection what the brand represents with names of quite peculiar rooms: Little Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, The Room of the Sweets, the Evening Dress, The Clouds, among others.

Inspirational Travel

We satisfy the curious: people who seek inspiration in new places, with new people and new ideas. As soon as you arrive, you will discover an elegant and dynamic boutique hotel and, as we have hotels all over the world in locations with very diverse cultures, you will not find two identical ones. The history of the neighborhood and the region inspires us to create every detail in the hotel, from the curious design to the distinctive local ingredients of our menus.Armani Hotel - Dubai, USA

Where Wellness Comes Integrated

Hotels, we offer a different and complete experience to travelers who are looking for more options to stay healthy and happy when they are away from home. Our hotels and our expert wellness staff offer guests a variety of healthy foods, first-class fitness, and relaxing, natural spaces. Beyond our hotels, we assist our travelers through wellwellwell.com, a source of resources to travel in a healthier and happier way.

The Joy Of Traveling For All

We believe that we all have the right to enjoy the pleasure of traveling. We are proud to offer comfortable and affordable hotels where guests are welcomed with open arms.

We opened the doors of our first hotel in 1952 and, today, the family brand Holiday Inn is the largest hotel chain in the world, with the largest expansion project.

Haute Couture Hotels: When The Designer Makes A Difference

Bvlgari Resort Bali: the most exotic resort in Bvlgari

Armani, Dior, Coco Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Oscar de la Renta or Salvatore Ferragamo are just some of the geniuses of fashion who have managed to transfer their unmistakable style on the catwalk to hotels and luxury suites.

The prestigious jewelry firm Bvlgari does not have one or two hotels, but three. The most exotic of all is the Bvlgari Resort in Bali. The resort reflects a contemporary interpretation of traditional Balinese design while with the distinctive Italian style of Bvlgari. The hotel, formed by 59 villas, has been built and furnished with hand-carved volcanic stone, rich exotic woods and refined fabrics.

Bvlgari Resort Bali: the greatest luxury with Italian signature

The furniture and decorative details that adorn the suites of the Bvlgari Resort, such as prism cut glass, cutlery, ceramics, and fabrics, have been produced in Bali by a team of local artists. Sleeping in Villa Bvlgari of 1,300 square meters costs 5,000 dollars.

Bvlgari Resort Bali luxurious suite

St. Regis New York: Dior’s most luxurious suite

The St. Regis Hotel in New York has a spectacular suite completely designed by Dior. With a classic Parisian ambience, this 160 square meter suite with views of Fifth Avenue brings together the essence of the French designer.

St. Regis New York: the essence of Dior

The Dior suite at the St. Regis Hotel in New York, decorated in gray tones with golden touches , has a bedroom, two marble bathrooms, a large separate dining room and a cozy living room with fireplace.

Maison Moschino Hotel: a world of stories

Armani, Dior, Coco Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Oscar de la Renta or Salvatore Ferragamo are just some of the geniuses of fashion who have managed to transfer their unmistakable style on the catwalk to hotels and luxury suites.

In the hands of designer Moschino, the world of fashion is transformed to create new surreal spaces full of fantasy. The best example is the Maison Moschino Hotel. Built in a neoclassical building that was once the railway station of Milan, each of the 65 rooms of this hotel teleports you to a world of stories and illusions.

Maison Moschino Hotel: fantasy in every corner

‘Alice in Wonderland’ or ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ are some of the stories hidden in this charming hotel that offers rooms with party dresses or flies as headboards. The fantasy world that Moschino soaks in each of his haute couture pieces can be felt in every corner of his Maison Moschino Hotel.

Hotel Armani Dubai: Italian hospitality in the Arab Emirates

“I have always dreamed of combining Armani aesthetics and Italian hospitality in a hotel, ” said Giorgio Armani at the opening of his first hotel in Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, in Dubai. The Hotel Armani Dubai is a super luxury accommodation built mainly in glass and dark wood with 160 rooms and suites, eight restaurants and exclusive stores of the Italian brand.


That is why it is so essential that you consist of complete information of the hotel in Trivago Hotel Supervisor. Now, when we believe about how to submit the description of the hotel to trivago, it is practical to be succinct and prevent unneeded repeatings in the story of the hotel.

Example of NOT consist of in the description of the hotel:

All spaces have Wi-Fi.

Example of precisely what to consist of in the hotel description:

All spaces are geared up with Apple TELEVISION available using free Wi-Fi.


Let’s not lose sight of the truth that tourists from all over the world can visit its profile. English is the worldwide language of tourist and Spanish, one of the most commonly spoken words in the world, the description of the hotel will appear on the various international online platforms if it is equated into those languages.

We recommend you to equate the descriptions into a minimum of 5 languages and include the translations to your profile. We dissuade, without a doubt, making use of automated translation tools, given that the outcomes would trigger an impression of an absence of professionalism and, likewise, the description would be declined. Eliminate the barriers that avoid you from hosting visitors from worldwide and delegate such a crucial concern to your hotel to expert translators.

Example Of Precisely What NOT To Consist Of In The Description Of The Hotel

The hotel has a grand entryway decorated with gorgeous flowers. It is recommended to examine in after 12:00 hours so that the spaces are all set.

Example of precisely what to consist of in the hotel description:

Entry from 12:00. If asked for at check-in), departure till 10:00 (possibility of late withdrawal.


Tourists do not like to lose time checking out unlimited texts, however, wish to check out a succinct hotel description and the reasons that they need to pick it. Utilize a basic vocabulary and structure concepts well. This will make it much easier for tourists to comprehend hotel details immediately and will favorably affect visitors ‘ choice concerning the reservation procedure.

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The details you show visitors before your arrival at the hotel produces expectations. You run the danger of frustrating them and getting unfavorable criticism if they are too high. The service is not to overemphasize the description of the hotel, however merely to state precisely what it provides and has, neither more nor less.

Example of precisely what NOT to consist of in the description of the hotel:

The hotel delights in a wealthy area in the center of the city. It is close to the most fantastic beaches in the area.

Example of precisely what to consist of in the hotel description:

The hotel is a 2-minute walk from the city. At 50 m there is a black sand beach, and at 70 m there is a white sand beach. Both have a minimal variety of complimentary parking areas.

Genuineness is always the very best method. If the profile info is genuine and as much as date, your hotel will transfer trust, and this will bring you more advantages. Put yourself in the shoes of tourists and reread exactly what you have composed if you are questioning how to submit the hotel description to trivago.