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Ways to Prepare Weight Loss Shakes

Weight loss shakes are a perfect replacement for meals especially to those who are looking forward to shed some extra weight in a healthy manner. Weight loss shakes is among the weight loss secrets used by most celebrities and other fitness enthusiasts across the world.

Weight loss shakes such as protein shakes can keep your stomach full until the next meal, hence preventing you from eating junky foods to satisfy hunger that may rise time after time. There are different ways of preparing weight loss shakes and it may range from protein, vegetable, and fruits shakes. Below are different methods of preparing weight loss shakes:

Peanut butter and strawberry shakes.

You will need 2 teaspoons of peanut butter, I cup of strawberries, half a cup of Greek yoghurt and 12 ice cubes.

How to prepare peanut butter and strawberry shakes.

Put strawberries and peanut butter in a blender. Add fresh Greek yoghurt and ice cubes into the blender and blend properly till the mixture makes a tasty shake. Your shake will be ready for drinking. This type of weight loss shake contains about 320 calories and 18 grams of protein making it a perfect choice for weight loss meal.

Tropical shakes.

To prepare tropical weight loss shakes, you will need 10 slices of ripe mango, 10 pieces of pineapple, 6 ounces of vanilla yoghurt, and 1 spoon of ground flaxseed.

How to prepare tropical shakes.

To make this tasty weight loss shake full of fibers and protein, put all the ingredients in a blender and blend them for about one minute and you shake will be ready for drinking. The amount of calories in this shake is less than 400 and contains about 22 grams of protein which is ideal for a healthy weight loss.

Spinach-pear shake.

To prepare spinach-pear weight loss shakes, you will need the following: 6 ounces of Greek yoghurt, 2 cups of packed spinach, 1 ripe pear, 15 green grapes, 5 pieces of avocado, and one glass of cold water.

How to prepare spinach-pear shakes.

Put spinach leaves and Greek yoghurt in a blender and add skinned pear, green grapes, avocado, and cold water in the blender. Blend the mixture well for about 1 to 2 minutes and your shake will be ready for consumption. This type of weight loss shake has about 320 calories and less than 20 grams of protein.

Avocado-strawberry shake.

This is also another great weight loss shake that will trim your weight effectively. To prepare avocado-strawberry shake you will need I cup of avocado chunks, 1 cup of strawberry, 1 cup of vanilla yoghurt, 6 ice cubes, 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed.

How to prepare avocado-strawberry shake.

Put strawberries, avocado chunks, and vanilla yoghurt in a blender and blend them for about a minute until the fruits are smooth. Add the ice cubes and ground flaxseed. Run the blender for another minute and your shake will be ready for use.

These are just but a few ways of preparing weight loss shakes. Other weight loss shakes include chocolate and coconut milk shake, vanilla coconut protein shake, and orange juice-peanut butter shake among others. It is essential to note that you should only take one glass of weight loss shake a day to avoid intake of too much calories and proteins.

Healthy Diet for People with Kidney Diseases

For people with kidney diseases, watching what you eat or drink is very important. This is because the kidneys may not be able to remove as much waste in your body as they should. It is for this reason that you should have a healthy diet. So, what does a healthy diet for kidney patients entail? A healthy diet for people with kidney diseases means limiting certain foods and drinks while at the same time making sure that you take in the right balance of proteins, minerals, vitamins, and calories to protect your kidneys from further damage.

For kidney patients, having a healthy diet means keeping track of the certain nutrients such as proteins, calories, fats and carbohydrates. Here is more information on the amount and type of foods that you need to eat to ensure you have the right amount of these nutrients:


Calories are the source of energy in the body. They come from the proteins, fats, and carbohydrates you eat. For kidney patients you need to control the amount of calories you take because too much calories have adverse effect on the kidney. Seek help from your doctor or dietician on the amount of calories you should take each day.


Proteins are the building blocks of your body and as such you need them to grow, heal and stay healthy. For kidney patients, you need to limit or change the source of proteins you take. This is because a diet with too much protein will make the kidneys work harder and eventually damage them further. Kidney patients need to eat meals with low proteins such as bread, fruits, vegetables, pasta, and rice. Avoid high protein foods such as red meat, poultry, eggs, and fish.


These are foods that provide the body with energy. For kidney patients, you need to eat healthy sources of carbohydrates such as fruits, corn, and vegetables. Avoid unhealthy such as sugar, honey, soft drinks, and other sugary drinks that will raise your blood sugar levels and further damage your kidneys.


You need water to survive, but when you have kidney diseases you may not need as much. This is because damaged kidneys may not be able to get rid of the excess fluids in the right way as they should. Too much fluids in a body with damaged kidneys is dangerous as it can cause swelling, high blood pressure and heart failure. The extra fluids can also build around your lungs and cause difficulties in breathing.

It is therefore essential that you cut back on the amount fluids you take. Avoid foods with soups or foods that melt such as ice creams and gelatins. Limit the amount of sodium you take to cut down thirst and drink from small cups to keep track of how much fluids you take.

Having a healthy diet is a great way to control kidney diseases but eating too much of even the healthy diet can be dangerous. Watch the portion of healthy diet you take to avoid further damage of your kidneys.

Ways to Become a Better Tourist on Your Subsequent Trip

Whether you are a professional traveler or not, you have surely tried going somewhere else with the intention to escape and get rid of the “usual”. You probably just want to have fun and contemplate without thinking of the dense workload brought by the demands of your job or school.

Just like the rest, you are also an individual who needs to observe “ME-AND-ONLY-ME” time whenever possible.  Being alone allows you to be one with your soul and be aligned with the values that make you you. The need to have and embrace your identity just keeps boggling you. There is no way you could silence the voice within you; you just know that by listening to it, you would live a meaningful life.

It is fascinating to see that millennials, like you, know how to prioritize and celebrate their being unique. It is for this reason that traveling has become trending nowadays. On your next trip, as you leave everything behind and get a breath of fresh air, learn these ways to become a better tourist.

Be dormant on your social media accounts. Live in the moment for goodness’ sake. Be real and forget who you are in the virtual world. Just because you failed to give updates on your whereabouts does not mean that the universe would stop revolving. It is not always about you.

Make a connection with the locals. There is nothing more exciting than getting lost and being confident that you can always approach the people around you for help. Every time you get the chance to talk to at least one of them, strive to explore their culture. Know yourself by knowing others too. In this way, you learn to keep your feet on the ground.

Learn a bit of their language and vice versa.  Let their language be your main takeaway. By memorizing some words, phrases or sentences, you engrave the experience not just in your soul but also in your mind. You might as well want to teach them some of your fave words in your own language; you would want to be remembered, right?

Be yourself and wear a smile at all times. This is another way of saying, “be nice.” Attract and create positive energy. As soon as the villagers see that you are easy to be with, they would not be afraid to open themselves to you. You would hear stories they do not usually share with anyone else. Take note that those stories are priceless.

Generally, you have to learn that life becomes meaningful when you realize the importance of focusing on the “now.”When you go out there, forget about the past and the future. Be fair to your present, you know?

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Hotel as a Tourist

Bad service, fractured wall, and stained comfort room are things you do not want to experience in a hotel.  Yes, finding a good accommodation is very crucial because it could ruin the whole planned recreation.  Avoiding these regrettable event is key to a joyous vacation.  Here are the 7 essential tips for choosing the best hotel as a tourist.

  1. A good voyager knows the location well.  Proximity to your itinerary is very important to consider.  It is always unreasonable to choose areas that are too far from your tourist points.  So, check your map.
  2. As a tourist, you look for comfort.  You should know if they have air-conditioning, pool, Wi-Fi, or even parking lots.  There are some that are not listed in the flyers, so, call the hotel receptionist and ask them all these.
  3. A good explorer never forgets to check reviews.  A 5-minute internet checking is not a waste of time. You would not like going to a hotel with bad reviews, do you?
  4. Vacationists consider services very important.  It is far different from amenities.  Room services like and spa with massage therapy makes the hotel a winner from the others.
  5. One should know the other extra fees hidden.  You do not like to be surprised with taxes, phone charges, service charges or whatever collectibles they would like to put in the bill.
  6. Next to anything is food.  Good food is an indicator of good services.  Some reviews are available on the net.
  7. Checking hotel room is vital to an enjoyable break.  After the bus tour, or walking tour, or sight-seeing, you would like to feel relax in bed and enjoy the terrific ambiance a hotel can offer.  There are a bunch of sites on the net dedicated to this.

Health Benefits of Going on Vacation

fitness resortsAccording to an article which provides the list of Mandatory Benefits of Employee, it says that an employee whether you work on private or public sector should be given a Vacation Leave.

Vacation just like sleep is important to an endeavor. Although your toil pays you a good living, working too much and letting all you attention be drowned by all the worries of your job lessen you the importance of life.

When you are focus on doing your work, you give way to too many stresses that lead to health problems. You deprive yourself with a fuller life that God offers us and wants us to enjoy. To help oneself it is important to take a break and be free from all concerns that occupies your daily life.

And going on Vacation will certainly help you achieved it, not only you can enjoy the day without thinking of deadlines, meetings and paper works vacation plays an important part of your well being;

It Prevents you from Illness and Makes you Happy

A good vacation sends your stress away. It is not just stress that is being eliminated when you distance your self from your office or business but study shows that it helps a lot in giving us a healthy body. According to the article by Charlotte Hinton Anderson a good vacation helps the body repair and recover on a cellular level.

It is then agreed on the article of caitlin Gallagher that’s says relaxation during a Vacation rebuilds the brain and body. Furthermore based on Framingham Heart study that is published on The New York Times women who neglect their vacation leave and relax only once every six years or less where prone to heart attack, compare to those women who took vacation atleast twice a year.

It Relaxes your Mind

healthy vacationsOne of the essential benefits of a good vacation is relaxation. It helps you renew your mind.

A beautiful place like beaches, parks or quiet and calm lakes where your eyes will be filled with nature’s beauty, sitting on a chair while sipping a cup of coffee or tea in front of a lush green surrounding relaxes our mind.

Most of the time we go on vacation to appreciate the beauty of nature and to escapes the pollution and crowded city. Nature’s power to relax the mind in inevitable and a magical works of the master planner, God himself.

It Connects your Family

Deepening the bond that connects us with our family and partner is one of the main reason why we go on a Vacation. Most of the time our work and business separate us from our love ones, less time together cause misunderstanding and commotion inside the home.

When you take on a Vacation you become a team and you rely on each other and you give way for a better relationship. Spending time together enriched our strong connection and vacation does it all.

It Makes you More Beautiful

Most of the time people who went on a vacation and get back to their job have more positive attitude toward work and their responsibilities in their company they are full of charge and can produce a better and greater output.

On the blog posted by The red booth Team, Finland placed second in rank with 84.4% for the country who finished the most work, there is no doubt why Finnish our second of the most productive person in the globe and with high completion rate is because they numbered one according to Alex Salamanca list of 25 most well-traveled peoples in the world having an average of 7.5 trips per person per year. It only means that going on a Vacation will makes you more fruitful at work.

It Gives you Time to Appreciate the Work of God

If you want to see the majestic work of Our Father in Heaven do not hesitate yourself to book a vacation trip now. It was St Thérèse of Lisieux that give this line “I was between six and seven when I saw the sea for the first time.

Talk to Him in the calm and solitude place of your choice vacation get away and not only you will feel better inside you will find inner peace that heals you from within and can also become visible outside, people will see the glow in you.

Exercise and Fitness While on Vacation

Even though vacations are all about relaxing and slowing down your days, it is still important to exercise and keep your body in shape. It doesn’t mean that you need to engage in high-intensity workouts, but simply perform a physical activity that you enjoy.

Have a great time

If you are going to the seaside, swimming can be a perfect way to engage all the muscles and burn some extra calories. Your muscles will be in shape and the quality of your sleep will improve.

The fresh air and the sound of waves will melt all the stress away. Besides, focusing on the physical activity and on your breathing can be beneficial for your mind too.

Go for a long walk on the beach. Take needed supplementation and natural herbs for increased testosterone (if you are man), better focus and energy and strength for perfect results. Some readers in forums swear by some mentioned here: http://dbolanabolicsfacts.com/anabolic-supplements as no side effects brands.

Not only it can be romantic if you go with your partner, but it will also help you burn calories because it is much harder to walk on the sand than on the flat ground.

If you like to ride the waves, surfing is the perfect activity for you. Surfing will get your adrenaline pumping and engage your whole body into this physically challenging activity.

Look for hills

If you get the chance to explore the surroundings, look for the interesting hills that can be a perfect opportunity to stretch your legs and tighten your muscles. Carry a backpack and you are on a right path to losing pounds while enjoying nature.

Being away from the crowd and breathing fresh air may inspire you to challenge yourself and go even further than you usually would. Exploring nature can be a fun endeavor!

Shopping as a cardio

Women enjoy shopping, it is a fact. Going from one shop to another and trying on all the interesting dresses, skirts, t-shirts and everything else that you find appealing can help you lose many calories.

When you add the seriousness and the focus that women have when they start the hunt for new favorite clothes, you get hours of walking. Searching for souvenirs and gifts will certainly inspire you to go an extra mile.

When you go on a vacation, the focus is on changing your daily routine and exploring new options. Do the things that you enjoy the most and that you don’t get the chance to do often. Give yourself the opportunity to relax completely and take care of your body and soul.

Invite To The Abbaye De La Bussiere Site

We are now in our 4th year considering that the acquisition of the Abbaye in 2005. Before our arrival, the Abbaye was a spiritual retreat for spiritual groups and pilgrims. Established in 1131 by an Englishman, Stephen Harding, 3rd Abbot of Cîteaux, the Abbaye's origins are deeply rooted in the Cistercian Order's long custom of hospitality, humbleness, and peace.

Embed in 15 acres of lovely parkland; the old structures have been changed into a prosperous nation home hotel where you can unwind and take pleasure in the unique, revitalizing environment of this old location.



The monks have long gone. However, Abbaye de la Bussiere still keeps an air of serenity, challenging to discover in the contemporary world.


Private Experience

The Abbaye provides a distinct and private experience, not traditionally with the structures however expertly with the personnel, food, and facilities. It is the real embodiment of the worth’s of the 5Cs viewpoint of Relais & Châteaux: Courtesy, Beauty, Character, Calm and Food.


Following the valid entry into the Relais & Châteaux association and accomplishing our Michelin star in 2007, we started 2008 with the distinguished award of Andrew Harper 'Hideaway of the Year 2008'.


In June 2009, we ended up the remodeling’s of the Orangeries to develop an excellent center for workshops and personal functions. 2010 left to a great start when we found out that the Abbaye, with our head chef Emmanuel Hebrard, kept its Michelin star.

Mini Shetland

Our congratulations to Emmanuel and the entire group. We continue to live within the Abbaye Park with our family pets and kids, consisting of 2 mini Shetland ponies who on celebrations stroll the park.


Find Out More About Us

The Abbaye is at first open with ten charming bedrooms all perfectly embellished to show the design of the surrounding area. Each space has its character and beauty so ...

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Five Tips on How to Book a Hotel at a Cheap Price

Staying in a nice hotel should not cost you an arm and a leg. There are various tricks and trips that you can use to find the best hotels at good prices. From knowing the best time to book to booking newly opened hotels, these five simple tips will help you book a hotel at a cheap price.

Sign up for alerts on price drops.

While you may not want a lot of messages in mail box, signing up for alerts on price drops for different hotels is a great way of booking a hotel when the prices are down and as such save a penny. By doing so, you will not need to keep a close eye on hotel prices. Sign up for price alerts through websites such as Hotel.com or Kayal.com. The will be able to notify you when the prices start to drop and as such utilize the opportunity to book a hotel at a cheap price.

Book a newly opened hotel.

New hotels often try to look for new customers and boost their business and as such often start their prices at a lower rates compared to other established hotels. You can check online for newly opened hotels and compare their prices. You will notice that they are affordable because they want to get their word out.

Book during the early months of the year.

Early months of the year such as January are the quietest travel months. This is the perfect time to bargain because hotels need more clients and as such can offer good prices for the rooms.

Make the most of loyalty programs.

It pays to be loyal and most loyalty programs can offer members the best price rates, discounts as well as free nights and VIP treatments. It is therefore essential that you book that has a loyalty program if you are to enjoy good price rates the next time you visit.

Make use of travel apps.

Travel apps can open a world of amazing cheap hotels. Apps such as trip Advisor, Hotel.com and Hotel tonight can get you the best deals on hotel bookings. Keep as many travel apps as possible and be sure to enjoy great discounts on hotel bookings.

Tips And Reasons To Make A Trip Of Tourism To Israel

Tourism To IsraelIf there is a country that had long wanted to visit that is Israel.

There are many reasons why you may be interested in traveling to a specific country or destination, and I think that Israel is a country that arouses curiosity in the whole world … and many people also doubt it.

In this initial reflection, I want to put aside political issues, although I will tell you that precisely to understand them better I consider that the ideal is to travel to Israel.

I know many people who as a rule deny the possibility of visiting that country, and everyone has their reasons, but understanding them, and in some instances sharing them, I have always been open to know that country.

As it will be easy to assume, religious tourism is, by far, the main reason for tourists who usually travel to Israel.

Tips for traveling to Israel

As a first conclusion after

my recent visit, I will tell you that beyond religious tourism, I recommend going to Israel to all who are interested in discovering its most cultural side,

Keep in mind that during the trip you will have the opportunity to know places that are part of one of the cradles of Humanity.

And also to have a broader vision, in the field itself, of the long history of those desert lands of the Middle East, and of the successive conflicts that have had (and continue to have) place in them.

First trip to Israel

What has been my first trip to Israel has focused on the visit to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, although I have also had the opportunity to visit the imposing Masada fortress and bathe in the waters of the Dead Sea.

From that first experience, I’ll tell you some curiosities, and I’ll give you some basic tips for your trip to Israel, which will be enriched after further trips.

From the outset, I tell you that you have direct flights from Madrid and Barcelona, which last about four and a half hours.

That is, you must bear in mind that the time difference between Israel and Spain is one hour (two hours with the Canary Islands).

But no doubt the first question that most people ask ourselves is whether it is safe to travel to Israel.

Is it safe to travel to Israel?

In the current times this is an issue that is affecting tourism in many areas of the world, including Europe, and not only the countries of the Middle East.

We each have our concept of what is safe when traveling, and we each have our limits when it comes to taking specific risks.

But I will tell you that after my trip I have contracted something that I already assumed, and that is that Israel is a country with the highest levels of security in the world.

To travel from Spain to Israel, you will not need a  prior visa, which you will receive for free at the time of entering the country.

Then, in your walk through cities such as Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, the presence of police or military may be even lower than what we are already used to in European cities such as Brussels, Paris or Berlin.

The Benefits Of The Holidays: Remarkable, But Not Long-Lasting

Going On VacationHow we like everyone to go on vacation, leave for a few days the routine and “disconnect” from everything and everyone, dedicating a few days, only and exclusively, to enjoyment and relaxation.

This time of recreation has been a demand by the working classes for decades, and now that it seems that this victory has already been achieved it looks embarrassing to ask for them at work and even, sometimes, there are those who relate them to idleness and laziness.

Far from these interpretations, vacations are a basic necessity to change our chip from time to time and, now in summer; they are specially indicated to enjoy the good weather and get strength for the long and cold winter.

Enjoying vacations has a positive impact on our health

There are holidays according to all tastes and budgets, but following a few recommendations, anyone can enjoy, at least a few days, the pleasure of having no other obligation beyond enjoying and resting. Also, the latest studies show that, unlike other more insane delights, having an enjoyable holiday serves to improve our health.

How we like everyone to go on vacation, leave for a few days the routine and “disconnect” from everything and everyone, dedicating a few days, only and exclusively, to enjoyment and relaxation.

This time of recreation has been a demand by the working classes for decades, and now that it seems that this victory has already been achieved it looks embarrassing to ask for them at work and even, sometimes, there are those who relate them to idleness and laziness.

Far from these interpretations, vacations are a basic necessity to change our chip from time to time and, now in summer; they are specially indicated to enjoy the good weather and get strength for the long and cold winter.

Enjoying vacations

Enjoying vacations has a positive impact on our health

There are holidays according to all tastes and budgets, but following a few recommendations, anyone can enjoy, at least a few days, the pleasure of having no other obligation beyond enjoying and resting. Also, the latest studies show that, unlike other more insane delights, having an enjoyable holiday serves to improve our health.

What are the benefits of going on vacation?

In a study by the travel company Kuoni and the non-profit organization Nuffield Health, half of the participants continued their healthy lives, and the other half enjoyed a two-week trip through Thailand, Peru or the Falkland Islands. After finishing this period, absolute values ​​were measured and compared with those they had before the holidays to estimate the incidence they had had on their health.

After having a few days off, our mood rises

Although the low number of participants does not serve to consider this study conclusive, the answers were notorious among the objects of the study. The main conclusions are that the values ​​of blood pressure, sleep quality and, of course, stress levels were improved. The average blood pressure of those on vacation decreased by 6 %, which entails avoiding the typical risks of hypertension. Meanwhile, in those people who were left without holidays, it hardly suffered variations (it went up 2%).

To these advantages are added the increase in the mood after these days off, as well as a loss of weight. With these results, it seems quite beneficial to take a few days off from time to time to re-assume reality.

How to Get Cheap Hotel Deals Online

One of the things that should be settled first when travelling is the hotel where you can stay in. Travelling can be costly and so does checking into a hotel. Thus, it is best to get a great cheap hotel deal so that you will have more money allotted to your travel. But just how can you get a cheap hotel deals? Here’s how.

Book in Advance. If you have this trip planned months before, there is no need for you to actually wait for that day of travel just to book a hotel room. You can have it booked months before the trip. All you have to do is search online for hotel budget or promo offers in the place where you will be travelling. You can have it reserved online. Usually booking in advance will get you a big discount or you can take advantage of the promo they are offering. With this, you can save up some money.

Get a Travel Buddy. You can actually get a great cheap hotel deal online if you come in with a travel buddy. Some hotel give discounts if you bring in someone with you. That instead of paying for two, you will be paying for one. With that, you can split that one person rate between the two of you. It’s just like paying half the room rate only. And of course, your travel won’t be boring if you have someone with you.

In travelling, getting the best hotel deal is important. It will not only help you save up but also it will help you get the best room. It will save your energy and effort in finding one right on time. And most importantly, helps you get away from the season rush.

Designer Hotels, The Definition Of Luxury

Some of the great designers of the world of fashion have ventured into the hotel industry creating unique and dazzling places. We have the list of the most impressive.

Armani Hotel – Dubai, USA

Located in the center of Dubai, the Armani Hotel has 160 exclusive rooms, 6 restaurants serving Indian, Italian, Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine. All the spaces were decorated from beginning to end by the Milanese designer. Finally, it has a brand store where you can buy exclusive products.fine hotels and resorts

Palazzo Versace – Gold Coast, Australia

205 rooms, 4 restaurants and a marina of 90 berths. A true palace by the sea. The designer Donatella Versace took care that each corner had the brand’s imprint.

Bulgari Hotel & Resort – Bali, Indonesia

Exoticism, relaxation, and luxury are three ideal words to describe this resort of private villas each with its pool and garden. It has exclusive Bulgari brand art shops and boutiques.

Tcherassi Hotel & Spa – Cartagena, Colombia

Colonial mansion of 250 years and 7 exclusive luxurious and elegant rooms. It has a spa, restaurant, 7 pools and a spectacular view of the walled city.

Maison Moschino – Milan, Italy

A completely surreal world that introduces you to a fantasy journey through each hotel space. It reflects perfection what the brand represents with names of quite peculiar rooms: Little Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, The Room of the Sweets, the Evening Dress, The Clouds, among others.

Inspirational Travel

We satisfy the curious: people who seek inspiration in new places, with new people and new ideas. As soon as you arrive, you will discover an elegant and dynamic boutique hotel and, as we have hotels all over the world in locations with very diverse cultures, you will not find two identical ones. The history of the neighborhood and the region inspires us to create every detail in the hotel, from the curious design to the distinctive local ingredients of our menus.fine hotels and resorts

Where Wellness Comes Integrated

Hotels, we offer a different and complete experience to travelers who are looking for more options to stay healthy and happy when they are away from home. Our hotels and our expert wellness staff offer guests a variety of healthy foods, first-class fitness, and relaxing, natural spaces. Beyond our hotels, we assist our travelers through wellwellwell.com, a source of resources to travel in a healthier and happier way.

The Joy Of Traveling For All

We believe that we all have the right to enjoy the pleasure of traveling. We are proud to offer comfortable and affordable hotels where guests are welcomed with open arms.

We opened the doors of our first hotel in 1952 and, today, the family brand Holiday Inn is the largest hotel chain in the world, with the largest expansion project.