Healthy Diet for People with Kidney Diseases

For people with kidney diseases, watching what you eat or drink is very important. This is because the kidneys may not be able to remove as much waste in your body as they should. It is for this reason that you should have a healthy diet. So, what does a healthy diet for kidney patients entail? A healthy diet for people with kidney diseases means limiting certain foods and drinks while at the same time making sure that you take in the right balance of proteins, minerals, vitamins, and calories to protect your kidneys from further damage.

For kidney patients, having a healthy diet means keeping track of the certain nutrients such as proteins, calories, fats and carbohydrates. Here is more information on the amount and type of foods that you need to eat to ensure you have the right amount of these nutrients:


Calories are the source of energy in the body. They come from the proteins, fats, and carbohydrates you eat. For kidney patients you need to control the amount of calories you take because too much calories have adverse effect on the kidney. Seek help from your doctor or dietician on the amount of calories you should take each day.


Proteins are the building blocks of your body and as such you need them to grow, heal and stay healthy. For kidney patients, you need to limit or change the source of proteins you take. This is because a diet with too much protein will make the kidneys work harder and eventually damage them further. Kidney patients need to eat meals with low proteins such as bread, fruits, vegetables, pasta, and rice. Avoid high protein foods such as red meat, poultry, eggs, and fish.


These are foods that provide the body with energy. For kidney patients, you need to eat healthy sources of carbohydrates such as fruits, corn, and vegetables. Avoid unhealthy such as sugar, honey, soft drinks, and other sugary drinks that will raise your blood sugar levels and further damage your kidneys.


You need water to survive, but when you have kidney diseases you may not need as much. This is because damaged kidneys may not be able to get rid of the excess fluids in the right way as they should. Too much fluids in a body with damaged kidneys is dangerous as it can cause swelling, high blood pressure and heart failure. The extra fluids can also build around your lungs and cause difficulties in breathing.

It is therefore essential that you cut back on the amount fluids you take. Avoid foods with soups or foods that melt such as ice creams and gelatins. Limit the amount of sodium you take to cut down thirst and drink from small cups to keep track of how much fluids you take.

Having a healthy diet is a great way to control kidney diseases but eating too much of even the healthy diet can be dangerous. Watch the portion of healthy diet you take to avoid further damage of your kidneys.

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We are now in our 4th year considering that the acquisition of the Abbaye in 2005. Before our arrival, the Abbaye was a spiritual retreat for spiritual groups and pilgrims. Established in 1131 by an Englishman, Stephen Harding, 3rd Abbot of Cîteaux, the Abbaye's origins are deeply rooted in the Cistercian Order's long custom of hospitality, humbleness, and peace.

Embed in 15 acres of lovely parkland; the old structures have been changed into a prosperous nation home hotel where you can unwind and take pleasure in the unique, revitalizing environment of this old location.



The monks have long gone. However, Abbaye de la Bussiere still keeps an air of serenity, challenging to discover in the contemporary world.


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Following the valid entry into the Relais & Châteaux association and accomplishing our Michelin star in 2007, we started 2008 with the distinguished award of Andrew Harper 'Hideaway of the Year 2008'.


In June 2009, we ended up the remodeling’s of the Orangeries to develop an excellent center for workshops and personal functions. 2010 left to a great start when we found out that the Abbaye, with our head chef Emmanuel Hebrard, kept its Michelin star.

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Our congratulations to Emmanuel and the entire group. We continue to live within the Abbaye Park with our family pets and kids, consisting of 2 mini Shetland ponies who on celebrations stroll the park.


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