Tips And Reasons To Make A Trip Of Tourism To Israel

Tourism To IsraelIf there is a country that had long wanted to visit that is Israel.

There are many reasons why you may be interested in traveling to a specific country or destination, and I think that Israel is a country that arouses curiosity in the whole world … and many people also doubt it.

In this initial reflection, I want to put aside political issues, although I will tell you that precisely to understand them better I consider that the ideal is to travel to Israel.

I know many people who as a rule deny the possibility of visiting that country, and everyone has their reasons, but understanding them, and in some instances sharing them, I have always been open to know that country.

As it will be easy to assume, religious tourism is, by far, the main reason for tourists who usually travel to Israel.

Tips for traveling to Israel

As a first conclusion after

my recent visit, I will tell you that beyond religious tourism, I recommend going to Israel to all who are interested in discovering its most cultural side,

Keep in mind that during the trip you will have the opportunity to know places that are part of one of the cradles of Humanity.

And also to have a broader vision, in the field itself, of the long history of those desert lands of the Middle East, and of the successive conflicts that have had (and continue to have) place in them.

First trip to Israel

What has been my first trip to Israel has focused on the visit to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, although I have also had the opportunity to visit the imposing Masada fortress and bathe in the waters of the Dead Sea.

From that first experience, I’ll tell you some curiosities, and I’ll give you some basic tips for your trip to Israel, which will be enriched after further trips.

From the outset, I tell you that you have direct flights from Madrid and Barcelona, which last about four and a half hours.

That is, you must bear in mind that the time difference between Israel and Spain is one hour (two hours with the Canary Islands).

But no doubt the first question that most people ask ourselves is whether it is safe to travel to Israel.

Is it safe to travel to Israel?

In the current times this is an issue that is affecting tourism in many areas of the world, including Europe, and not only the countries of the Middle East.

We each have our concept of what is safe when traveling, and we each have our limits when it comes to taking specific risks.

But I will tell you that after my trip I have contracted something that I already assumed, and that is that Israel is a country with the highest levels of security in the world.

To travel from Spain to Israel, you will not need a  prior visa, which you will receive for free at the time of entering the country.

Then, in your walk through cities such as Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, the presence of police or military may be even lower than what we are already used to in European cities such as Brussels, Paris or Berlin.

Ways to Become a Better Tourist on Your Subsequent Trip

Whether you are a professional traveler or not, you have surely tried going somewhere else with the intention to escape and get rid of the “usual”. You probably just want to have fun and contemplate without thinking of the dense workload brought by the demands of your job or school.

Just like the rest, you are also an individual who needs to observe “ME-AND-ONLY-ME” time whenever possible.  Being alone allows you to be one with your soul and be aligned with the values that make you you. The need to have and embrace your identity just keeps boggling you. There is no way you could silence the voice within you; you just know that by listening to it, you would live a meaningful life.

It is fascinating to see that millennials, like you, know how to prioritize and celebrate their being unique. It is for this reason that traveling has become trending nowadays. On your next trip, as you leave everything behind and get a breath of fresh air, learn these ways to become a better tourist.

Be dormant on your social media accounts. Live in the moment for goodness’ sake. Be real and forget who you are in the virtual world. Just because you failed to give updates on your whereabouts does not mean that the universe would stop revolving. It is not always about you.

Make a connection with the locals. There is nothing more exciting than getting lost and being confident that you can always approach the people around you for help. Every time you get the chance to talk to at least one of them, strive to explore their culture. Know yourself by knowing others too. In this way, you learn to keep your feet on the ground.

Learn a bit of their language and vice versa.  Let their language be your main takeaway. By memorizing some words, phrases or sentences, you engrave the experience not just in your soul but also in your mind. You might as well want to teach them some of your fave words in your own language; you would want to be remembered, right?

Be yourself and wear a smile at all times. This is another way of saying, “be nice.” Attract and create positive energy. As soon as the villagers see that you are easy to be with, they would not be afraid to open themselves to you. You would hear stories they do not usually share with anyone else. Take note that those stories are priceless.

Generally, you have to learn that life becomes meaningful when you realize the importance of focusing on the “now.”When you go out there, forget about the past and the future. Be fair to your present, you know?

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Hotel as a Tourist

Bad service, fractured wall, and stained comfort room are things you do not want to experience in a hotel.  Yes, finding a good accommodation is very crucial because it could ruin the whole planned recreation.  Avoiding these regrettable event is key to a joyous vacation.  Here are the 7 essential tips for choosing the best hotel as a tourist.

  1. A good voyager knows the location well.  Proximity to your itinerary is very important to consider.  It is always unreasonable to choose areas that are too far from your tourist points.  So, check your map.
  2. As a tourist, you look for comfort.  You should know if they have air-conditioning, pool, Wi-Fi, or even parking lots.  There are some that are not listed in the flyers, so, call the hotel receptionist and ask them all these.
  3. A good explorer never forgets to check reviews.  A 5-minute internet checking is not a waste of time. You would not like going to a hotel with bad reviews, do you?
  4. Vacationists consider services very important.  It is far different from amenities.  Room services like and spa with massage therapy makes the hotel a winner from the others.
  5. One should know the other extra fees hidden.  You do not like to be surprised with taxes, phone charges, service charges or whatever collectibles they would like to put in the bill.
  6. Next to anything is food.  Good food is an indicator of good services.  Some reviews are available on the net.
  7. Checking hotel room is vital to an enjoyable break.  After the bus tour, or walking tour, or sight-seeing, you would like to feel relax in bed and enjoy the terrific ambiance a hotel can offer.  There are a bunch of sites on the net dedicated to this.

Hotel Distinction

hotel mercureThat is why it is so essential that you consist of complete information of the hotel in Trivago Hotel Supervisor. Now, when we believe about how to submit the description of the hotel to trivago, it is practical to be succinct and prevent unneeded repeatings in the story of the hotel.

Example of NOT consist of in the description of the hotel:

All spaces have Wi-Fi.

Example of precisely what to consist of in the hotel description:

All spaces are geared up with Apple TELEVISION available using free Wi-Fi.


Let’s not lose sight of the truth that tourists from all over the world can visit its profile. English is the worldwide language of tourist and Spanish, one of the most commonly spoken words in the world, the description of the hotel will appear on the various international online platforms if it is equated into those languages.

We recommend you to equate the descriptions into a minimum of 5 languages and include the translations to your profile. We dissuade, without a doubt, making use of automated translation tools, given that the outcomes would trigger an impression of an absence of professionalism and, likewise, the description would be declined. Eliminate the barriers that avoid you from hosting visitors from worldwide and delegate such a crucial concern to your hotel to expert translators.