That is why it is so essential that you consist of complete information of the hotel in Trivago Hotel Supervisor. Now, when we believe about how to submit the description of the hotel to trivago, it is practical to be succinct and prevent unneeded repeatings in the story of the hotel.

Example of NOT consist of in the description of the hotel:

All spaces have Wi-Fi.

Example of precisely what to consist of in the hotel description:

All spaces are geared up with Apple TELEVISION available using free Wi-Fi.


Let’s not lose sight of the truth that tourists from all over the world can visit its profile. English is the worldwide language of tourist and Spanish, one of the most commonly spoken words in the world, the description of the hotel will appear on the various international online platforms if it is equated into those languages.

We recommend you to equate the descriptions into a minimum of 5 languages and include the translations to your profile. We dissuade, without a doubt, making use of automated translation tools, given that the outcomes would trigger an impression of an absence of professionalism and, likewise, the description would be declined. Eliminate the barriers that avoid you from hosting visitors from worldwide and delegate such a crucial concern to your hotel to expert translators.